Yado Shiontei

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Safety and Sanitation

Infection Prevention & Control – Hasepper Giken Co., Ltd. Tokyo has installed slightly acidic hypochlorous aqueous solution generator in the building to wash under the cooking ingredients to prevent virus, food poisoning and other infectious diseases. We will also use it from cleaning the bath.
Deodorization & Antiseptic Measures- Thorough hygiene management is performed by using the company’s spraying device.
Earthquake Resistance- Although this is a single-story building, we have deliberately driven 126 piles into the supporting layer 23 meters below ground. Even in the event of a direct earthquake, the facility is earthquake-resistant to prevent the building from collapsing, allowing guests to stay with peace of mind.

About Air Conditioning

We use our own air conditioning system to ventilate the entire building and replace the air in all rooms at least once an hour.

Our Commitment to our Guests

・We ask for the cooperation of all visitors to take their temperature and disinfect their hands with alcohol.
・We thoroughly sterilize and disinfect areas that are often touched by guests, such as doorknobs, doors, and dining seats.
・All guest rooms are equipped with a hot spring bath.

About the Employees Effort

・We check employees' body temperature when they arrive at work to ensure that they are in good physical condition.
・We have installed disinfectant at the entrance of the backyard for thorough hand sanitization.

We will continue to take all possible measures to ensure the hygiene of our guests and employees, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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