Yado Shiontei

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Superb hot water to heal your daily fatigue

The private open-air and indoor baths are available for private use.
You can also relax in the lounge with a beverages and light snacks.

An Extraordinary Experience

An extraordinary experience
In a space of 80 square meters in total area.
We offer an open-air bath and an indoor bath.
With an overwhelming sense of openness, you can enjoy the best time.

Relax to your heart’s content

Starting with champagne, we also offer Daisen mineral water,
and Oyama milk ice cream.
Relax to your heart's content and enjoy your private time

User guide

Reservations can only be made by phone

TEL.0859-21-7277 or whatsapp

Total area
80 square meters
Usage fee
27,500 yen (excluding tax) / 120 minutes (up to 4 people)

・Depending on the reservation status, we may not be able to meet your request.
Number of users
Up to 4 people
Usage time
15: 30pm-17: 30, 21: 00pm-23:00pm, next morning 6: 00am-8: 00am
・Payment will be made locally.
For inquiries and use of the "Spa Lounge with Private Bath", please apply by phone.


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